Our major shareholder Wirthwein AG, established in 1949, is currently acting in 3 continents, 21 production plants with a team of 3600 colleagues for various industries but mainly in the field of plastic technologies with top level of quality and technical capability. Wirthwein AG is a family firm who managed to maintain long term relationships and mutual growth with its customers through its trustful and innovative structure.

Our other shareholder FARK Holding, established in 1968, is currently active in Turkey with 7 production plants mainly in the field of plastic technologies for automotive and home appliance industries. Moreover, group is active in art and tourism fields. Group composed of Farplas, Farel, FarAero, Farform, Fartur, Farhym, F+ Ventures, Farkim, Mata Automotive, Otomarka firms and around 2600 team members, has a track record of continuous improvement for its capabilities through its respect towards customers, quality and production.

FAREL, has become a productive, competitive and quality firm through a successful synthesis of its proactive, flexible and innovative culture with the strength of its partners. Thanks to this outcome, Farel has become a value adding road companion to its customers with the production of top notch safety and esthetical parts.

We, FAREL, tender our thanks to our customers and employees for their trust and belief and we wish to see our customers and employees by our side while successfully making our goals come true..


Our philosophy is to create simple solutions through our
technological approach, while always sustaining humanistic and environmental values, and having adopted a "win-win" principle.
Our concept of cooperation embraces the capacity to offer
all the services at any stage up
to the final consumer with competitive prices so that our customers can focus on their
core business.