Farel manages the supply chain for more than 350 types of raw materials and parts, working with 50 local supplier companies and 30 foreign supplier companies located in 8 different countries; and it exports 60 types of products to 9 countries. Farel has the capacity to process 6000 tons and 12 types of raw materials.

Raw materials are stored in central silos each with a capacity of 120 tons, dried automatically and delivered to the injection machines by means of central feeding system. Farel has adopted the just-in-time production principle and thus, it conducts the delivery of the goods through integration with customers' logistical solutions.

Material flow is planned and purchase orders are prepared by means of an MRP system. In Farel, a pull system is in use, and Material flow is managed through Kanban, supermarket and Milk Run applications. Optimization is ensured through Value Stream Mapping (VSM) while the materials are processed. The storage is organized through FIFO and barcode applications.