Farel's ultimate target is absolute customer satisfaction as well as continuous innovation and improvement in every single product. For Farel, quality is not simply a promise or a slogan that should be used often. Its quality approach incorporates observation and evaluation at every single step of production processes in order to ensure high quality and dependable products and to offer a perfect service.

In addition to these control and evaluation operations, Farel has adopted Kaizen mentality for continuous improvement, and it uses VSM, 5S and 6 SIGMA methods for operational efficiency. It schedules production through Kanban and Lean Manufacturing Systems, and it enhances convenience in production through POKA-YOKE mechanism.

Farel provides detailed descriptions of all the critical aspects and parameters, conducts process capacity and reliability analyses for a perfect process design.

Farel measures product lifetimes immediately in order to improve the quality and qualifications of the products.
Barcodes are used to ensure traceability.
Breaking tests are performed for window complex hinges (glass door hinges).

Our Quality is certified by our awards from Costomers and ISO Certifications.